JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Boostrap, Python, Flask, SQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Heroku, Socket.IO, Pixi.js, GreenSock, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash)
Node.js, Express.js, Typescript, Grunt, Gulp, Sass, Java, Android SDK, Webpack, Babel, Mocha, Chai
AKQA | Web Developer | San Francisco, CA
  • • Built 30+ web banners utilizing JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to greatly improve web presence for major worldwide brands with contracts valued at over $1.5 million.
  • • Crafted compelling image and text animations with JavaScript and GreenSock on > 80% of brand web content to improve user engagement and advertisement click through.
  • • Saved major client $20,000 annually in new banner creation by developing dynamic banners with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to source text and accompanying images directly through Google Sheets.
Weather Underground​ | Web Developer | San Francisco, CA
  • • Worked on a backend system utilizing ActionScript and Autodesk Scaleform that creates custom weather forecast videos on the fly to be streamed to mobile devices and other targets.
  • • Designed dynamic videos with animations and graphs displaying differently to reflect the location and what type of forecast specified by users.
Organic | Senior Web Designer | San Francisco, CA
  • • Created 100+ web banners and dynamic animations for 5+ brand microsites utilizing ActionScript and HTML.
  • • Optimized banner creation time by over 66% through engineering modular general-use particle system used in 4+ projects to produce visual effects such a smoke and bubbles.
  • • Worked with major worldwide brands such as Intel, Bank of America, PUR, Nike, Quaker, and Pearls Probiotics by creating animations to promote > 20 new major new product releases.
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Arts 1998
University of Maryland, Baltimore County